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In Line Defect Monitoring & Analysis System

This system is designed to create inferface between inspection equipment and review equipment regardless of makers, models, data formats, or operationg systems, and provide real-time analysis of defects in the process. Using a variety of in-line monitoring and analysis methods, and support the integrated data management.

01. Inspection Equipment Interface

  • Dark Field Equipment (Puma, Discovery, Stealth...)
  • Bright Field Equipment (Ait, AitXP, AitUV...)
  • Macro Equipment (August, Wv320...)etc.

02. Review Equipment Interface

  • Optic Equipment (Leica, Mecha, etc.)
  • SEM Equipment (Hitachi SEM, SEM-Vision, etc.)

03. Real-time analysis

  • Defect Map
  • Defect Image
  • Chart Analysis (Size,BIN,Trend,etc)
  • Repeat Defect
  • DSA (Defect Source Analysis)

04. Can be used as an alternative to the equipment manufacturers' inferface Tool