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Real time defect alarm system

This system is desinged to detects and set off alarms on a real time basis without defect review, using a variety of data analysis methods, when there is a deviation from the specifications.
As this system will automatically sort out foreign materials, it will deduce the TAT (equal to the total defect review by inspection lot), and improve COO (Cost of Ownership) of the inspection and review equipment.

01. SPA (Shot Repeat Analysis Service)

  • To repeatedly defect defects between shots in the Photo Lithography process.

02. SCB (Size Binning & Conversion Service)

  • To measure the actual defect sizes without SEM Review after inspection.

03. ADC (Auto Defect Classification Service)

  • To classify the defect classes without review after inspection.

04. DPA (Defect Pattern Analysis Service)

  • To classify defect patterns.

05. Auto DSA (Automatic Defect Source Analysis Service)

  • To sort out defects added/missed/carried over between the processes
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