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Automation of Review Sampling

This system is designed to automatically collect samples and transfer to the review equipment the defects that are detected by the inspection equipment and need to be reviewed. As it automatically processes the sampling. It will speed up the review process and improve the equipment utilization rate.

Engineer must request the Operator for review lot.
The review lot will be automatically selected and transferred to the review equipment without engineer's request.
Operator must find the defect belonging to review criteria and move to the defect for review. The manual repetition is time consuming and results in decreased productivity.
Even for review under complex citeria, you may review only such defects as indicated based on the prescribed basic information. resulting in the improved productivity.
If the operators review numerous random defects. they are likely to select samples for their own convenience. Making it impossible to accurately select samples. which in turn will degrade the quality of defect review.
It improves the productivity and quality of defect review as the defects to be reviewed are selected out of numerous random defects by the system based on the basic information prescribed by the office engineer.
Assuming the total number of defects is 30,000. it takes a lot of time to upload the defect data into the review equipment.
A lot of time can be saved as only an absolutely necessary number of defects are loaded.

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