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MIDAS for Barewafer

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MIDAS for Barewafer

BareWafer Integrated Quality Control System

This system is designed to consolidate the data from the inspection process in the wafer manufacturing plant and analyze the factors that may affect the quality. As it tracks down and analyzes the cause of the defects in the manufacturing process in a centralized manner, it will ensure the quality transparency for each unit of wafers and its data monitoring and automatic data analysis function makes it possible to quickly defect the defect symptoms and prevent it effectively.

01. Data processing capability for a variety of equipment in different formats.

  • SP1, Wafer XAM, AVIS, SBW-333, NanoMapper FA, MBW-3030 etc.

02. Data Management & MES I/F

  • DataManagement
    - Uploading and management of analyzed and filltered information in the database
    - Matching the data to be analyzed with the data brought from MES for analysis
  • MES Interface
    - Obtain the basic information including lot history, wafer data to be analyzed by MES and I/F Wafer processing information by process and equipment

03. Statistical Analysis

  • Statistical analysis using the measuring data entered into the database
    - Measure and statistically process the flatness, particles Count, Min, Max, Mean, etc.)
    - Correlation analysis : correlation between yield and equipment / correlation between yield and measured data under control
  • Measured data under control
    - Analysis of variance : One-way / Two-way ANOVA

04. Demonstration by a variety of maps and charts

  • Provide maps in a variety of forms for Site, Zonal, Surface, Croww-Section, Dark field wide, Narrow Map / Single, Gallery, Composite, 2D, 3D Map
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