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Integrated Yield Management System for Semi-conductor Manufacturing Process

This system is designed to automatically collect and control the process data. measuring data (Defect, Bin, Eletrical parametric, Fail Bit, Metrology, WIP) in an ingrated way MIDAS Plus will help you identify and take corrective actions against the cause of any lower productivity through the systemic control and analysis of the quality data.

01. Standard Analysis

  • Analyze the data by displaying the wafer map based on the data collected (Defect file, CP file)
  • Types of analysis screen : Defect Map / Defect & Bin Map / Defect & Fail bit Map / Defect & Bin & Fail bit Map

02. Statistical Analysis & Chart

  • Kill Ratio function : Indicate the numeral impact of defect by layer on yield. using the final yield data and defect data in the manufacturing process
  • Yield Prediction : Predict the yield of the wafer being processed, using the pre-determined kill ratio
  • Fail Region Type Chart : Display a chart showing the matching degree between fail-bit and defect, using the fail bit information, and lacation information provided by the defect file.
  • Various charts : Provide charts by defect size and type (Pareto, Trend, Distribution, Histogram Chart)
  • Can define and enter the data required for the system operation and revise the existing data
    (Device, Step (Layer), Defect Size, Bin value registration)

03. Complete Image Database

  • Various image search function (lot, wafer, step, date, chart...)
  • Provide interface for a variety of equipment (CD-SEM, Review Station, Microscope, FIB, V-SEM)
  • Search function for defect history
  • Various image processing function (Gamma, contrast, compression...)
  • Various image measuring function (width, height, diagonals, area...)


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