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Virtual IM

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Virtual IM

Process Management only with SEM Image

This system allows metrology (CD, Overlay) and defect inspection, using SEM Image.
It is possible to conduct metrology and inspection without physical wafer as it uses the same image as CD-SEM Image to measure CD, and overlay, and to conduct defect inspection like pattern defect.

01. Virtual Metrology (vMetrology)

  • Can measure CD and overlay by using SEM Image

02. Virtual Inspection (vlnspection)

  • Can conduct defect inspection by using a variety of images

03. Can apply Real Time SPC (Interlock function) (Option)

  • Link to the interlock system based on the above inspection results (Metrology & Inspection)
  • Provide a function for real-time monitoring and interlock for the ongoing problems, lots, and equipment causing such problems.


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